Issa Hood Love Story: Eden & Bounce

Eden and Bounce are hitters for a rogue up and coming dealer who’s anxious for a takeover. Their great chemistry makes taking a man down easy work and they trust each other with their lives, each being the other’s ride or die. Beneath their stellar working relationship is a smoldering mutual attraction that has always been waiting to claim them both.

When Bounce has a conflict with her and finds that his baby’s mama, Amina, may have committed a serious violation against him with a hot shot dope boy from the other side, he becomes obsessed with killing him before he has a chance of doing the same thing. When he finally rids himself of the problematic Amina, he and Eden finally get the chance to build something with each other that they’d each been searching for.

They don’t realize it at the time, but that one confrontation with Amina sets off a chain reaction of events that will remold their lives for better or for worse, making them experience love, pain, and extreme loss, and Bounce will discover dark secrets hidden from him for his entire life.
It’s hard for love to survive in the best of times… can it make it through the worst?