In Love With An A-Town Thug 2

Just when Monay believes she found true love, she realizes, yet again, she been played for a fool. Monay knows deep in her heart that Jawan can’t be trusted. As much as she wants to forget about him, she finds it hard to let him go.
Jawan Miles never thought that he would find himself in a position where he would have to choose between his wife or another female. He doesn’t want to lose his family, nor Monay. Working things out with Alonna would be the logical thing to do, but Jawan isn’t thinking logically at all.

Alonna Miles appears to be strong, independent, and confident, but deep down she is near her breaking point. When tragedy hits close to home, both she and Jawan will have a choice to either pull together or break free from one another. Will their marriage survive the betrayal and pain that Jawan has inflicted, or is it a little too late?

Drew Wilson is madly in love with his girlfriend Desiree, but it only takes one mistake before Drew will find himself about to lose the one girl he claimed he would always love.

In part 2 of in love with an A-Town Thug, relationships will be tested and hearts will be broken. Will everyone get what they want in the end or will they all take an L?