In Love With A Los Angeles Don

Cole Hart Signature’s new author Grey King pens a must-read, pipping hot, new urban romance series. In Love With A Los Angeles Don will have you hooked from the first page until the very last.

Meet Goddess Andrews. As a woman Goddess does everything to live up to her name while battling an invisible illness. With her internal battles, she never dreamed she’d have to fight an external one as well in the form of her man, Darrien. Cali men are a different breed, and Darrien provides that in the form of countless women claiming him when only Goddess should. When one gives up all the others, Darrien drives Goddess to leave behind the life she was sure she was going to have in favor of a completely different one. Still, one Goddess has no problem living on her own.

Before Goddess knows it, she meets Hermès. Hermès Washington is a man who knows what he wants and, to some, like a god on earth. With success comes a sureness in the way he moves. When Hermès comes into contact with Goddess, his moves all lead to her.

Even with love being the furthest thing from either of their minds, they fall for each other fast, relying only on what they feel to guide them.

But with happiness comes haters. For Goddess, it’s her ex. For Hermès, it’s a little closer to home in his sister Ky.

With outside forces fighting to set their world on fire, is love enough to keep Hermes and Goddess together? Or is being in love with the Don of LA doomed to fail for Goddess?