In Love With A Houston Boss 2

From Erin Lashay comes In Love With A Houston Boss 2, an enthralling, hood love sequel full of betrayal, revenge, heartbreak, and unexpected romance.

Jonai Jacobs, Marquise Bowman, and Keegan Jones return to their drama-filled, toxic lives after Marquise returns home from Louisiana. Raising her three kids alone for nine long months causes a rift in Jonai and Marquise’s relationship. Marquise starts to show his true colors when he reveals he’s in a new relationship with a past lover. Forced to deal with the decisions Marquise makes, Jonai starts focusing on ways they can co-parent. With occasional hookups with her baby daddy and new business partners, Jonai finds herself becoming jealous and violent. 

While Jonai and Marquise are going through co-parenting troubles, a blast from Marquise’s past pops up. Malaysia McGee shows up with plans to get revenge for her baby’s father, Demon Bowman’s death. She tries to befriend Jonai to get closer to her target, but her intentions are quickly revealed. She thinks of a plan to work for Jonai to get closer to her target, but it backfires. Once Malaysia’s plan collapses and her true intentions are revealed, Jonai warns the father of her kids. When Marquise finds out he’s a target, he starts calling shots and pulling triggers. 

Keegan Jones reveals that he’s still very much in love with his ex-wife, Jonai. He shows Jonai a different side of him when he befriends his enemy, Marquise. Keegan wants Jonai, so he puts in the work and applies the pressure. With his changed behavior and a proposal, Jonai lets her guard down once again for him. While Keegan is pursuing Jonai, a problem from their past resurfaces, and they’re faced with more drama. Though they are faced with problems, their relationship slowly repairs, and it’s stronger than it was before.

Kofie Washington shows his face to his deceased brother, Rafie’s mistress at a club event. The short encounter with Kofie leaves Jonai shook and fearful. Since his brother’s death, Kofie has been stalking Jonai and Keegan. He wants to make the both of them suffer and deal with the same pain he and his family has endured. Kofie gets his chance to kill Jonai and Keegan, causing Keegan to risk his life and his freedom for the love of his life. It’s a lot going on, but who will be on top? What will become of Jonai’s relationship with Marquise and Keegan?