In Love With A Houston Boss

From Cole Hart Signature’s newest author, Erin Lashay comes an intensely captivating, urban fiction romance that’ll have you hooked from beginning to end.

Jonai Jacobs never intends on marrying one of Houston’s biggest kingpins. When she meets Keegan Jones, the first man to catch her attention, he changes her life for the better. Luxurious clothes, fancy cars, big houses, and money becomes Jonai’s lifestyle. She has everything she could’ve imagined. She’s living the life. That is until she faces the tough decision to either leave him or work things out. 

Jonai Dior grew up in the Garden City Projects of Houston, Texas as the only child in her two-parent household. Jonai is the daughter of Jordan Jacobs, Houston’s biggest drug lord in the ‘90s. Being the daughter of a kingpin, “dope boys” step to her but never reached the criteria. She’s looking for a certain type of boss, Keegan Jones to be exact.

Years after the wedding bells and “I dos”, business starts booming in the streets of Houston. Keegan and Jonai are the streets’ Bonnie and Clyde, but when things are going great, scandal always has to creep into the picture. Keegan’s old ways come back into play when he decides to get himself into something he can’t get out of. Faced with different problems in their marriage causes Jonai to crash out and explore her options.

The life Jonai grew up seeing her mother live being married to her dad was nothing like the one she was living; yet, Keegan isn’t giving up on them that easily.

Once Jonai meets another boss by the name of Marquise Bowman, she falls in love with him almost instantly. They say one way to get over a man is to crawl underneath a new one, and that’s just what Jonai decides to do. Life dating Marquise is completely different than what she’s used to being married to Keegan. Keegan realizes that maybe he wasn’t right for Jonai, and he tries to change himself for her, but it’s too late. Jonai has found herself in love with a Houston boss.