In Love With A Down South Hoodlum

Happiness. Family.  Success.  Love.  Loyalty. These are the things Evelyn (Lyn) wants the most.  Attempting to leave home at an early age lands her in the arms of the man (Logic) she assumes to be the love of her life. After being married to him for a short period of time, she begins to notice things that no longer make her happy. Not being one to give up easily, she decides it is better for her to continue to push for change than to walk away. That is until one dreaded night left her with no other choice but to leave. She never thought she would find happiness again until she ran into a man considered a real down south hoodlum. Is she really ready to give her all to another relationship?

Corde’ moves from southern state to southern state, causing havoc wherever he goes. With a name as powerful as his, no one would try him if they valued life. The life he lives never puts him in a position to find real love or happiness. In fact, he didn’t trust any female as far as he could throw them. That is until he meets Lyn. There is something special about her, and he is determined to find out what it is. Knowing how dangerous his life is, he masks his desire of wanting a relationship with her; until he is left with no other choice.

Missed phone calls. No returned texts. Corde’s pull-up game proves to be strong when he has to go to Lyn for answers to her behavior. Not one for games, Corde’ has to lay all his chips on the table if he ever wants to experience real love. Will those chips be enough to convince Lyn that he is ready for what she has to offer?

Grab a seat, a blanket, and a DRANK as you roll through the southern states following the drama this crew is about to bring.  Evelyn (Lyn), Logic, Corde’ (Day-Day), Kosine, and Mercury are about to be your Uber drivers, taking you on a ride you don’t want to miss in Mz. Biggs’ new novel, In Love With A Down South Hoodlum.