In Love With A Chi-Town Stepper

The streets always say it is better to have loyalty than to have love, but at what cost? Twenty-eight-year-old Riley O’Neal Dickerson found out the hard way that being loyal to a man — who doesn’t love you— was a waste of ten years of her life. Trying to find herself and never knowing what a real connection is to a man, she is blindsided when she runs into Israel Carson.

At first glance, you would never know that Israel Carson’s name carries a lot of weight behind it in the streets. Israel isn’t the type of man that believes in love and relationships. His primary focus is his business, his money, and his loyalty to those close to him. Once he meets Riley, his attraction to her isn’t like anything he’s ever felt before. However, can he get over his issues enough to let her into his life? He has goals to be a hood millionaire, and she’s looking to capture his heart.

In the cold streets of Chicago, you can be in love one minute and dead the next. In this new hood love drama, In Love With A Chi-Town Stepper, Yasauni takes you on an unforgettable journey of love, crime, baby mama drama and makes it clear that a Chi-Town stepper is really a gangster.