In Love With A 9th Ward Savage

Kross “Tu” Belvin thought she’d hit the jackpot of love when she landed in New Orleans and ran into Rahkeem “Meek” Odell. He wasn’t much to look at—skinny, rough, with a smile that was more gap than teeth—but he had a golden heart. He took her and her son in, no questions asked, and made them feel like they were his world.

But the road to true love is never smooth, especially in the Ninth Ward, where shadows lurk in every corner. The fairy tale starts to crumble with the same tired lies, the creeping doubt, and the kind of heartache that songs are written about. Kross tries to hold on, to give Meek a second shot, but catching him red-handed with someone else? That’s a deal-breaker. She packs up her heart and her hopes and walks away for good.

Or so she thinks.

She falls back into the arms of Titus, an old flame she convinces herself is the safer bet. But as life loves to remind us, the other side of the fence ain’t always as green as it looks. Titus isn’t the haven he appeared to be, and Kross finds herself once again picking up the pieces of her battered heart.

Time ticks by, and fate throws a curveball—Kross and Meek’s paths cross again. They’ve both grown, both changed. Maybe this time it’s for real. They start laying down the bricks for a future together, but just as they’re settling into their new rhythm, the past comes knocking with a bag full of secrets.

Now Kross is left wondering: Can love with Meek thrive under the weight of truths untold, or will their shaky foundation crumble before they get the chance to see what blooms?