I’m Sorry But He Already Got My Heart 3

“In the face of love’s heartache, a woman’s resilience knows no bounds.”

Adiya, recovering from a devastating betrayal, has found solace and renewed love in the arms of Luna. Their lives seem to be moving in a harmonious direction until an unexpected twist threatens to unravel it all. Luna’s ex, Ana, returns to the scene after a successful stint in rehab, leaving Adiya fearful that the past will come back to haunt their present.

Luna, still grieving the loss of his brother, cherishes the love and support Adiya provides. He remains indifferent to Ana’s return, preoccupied with the mounting danger lurking in the shadows as adversaries seek retribution. As tensions rise both on the streets and at home, Luna is caught between his love for Adiya and the need to protect his family.

Meanwhile, Karyn, the mother of Bino’s child, and Sabrina, Bino’s long-time girlfriend, have set aside their differences for the sake of Bino’s daughter. Yet, the core of their tension doesn’t stem from jealousy over Bino; they harbor a secret passion for one another.

Embark on a turbulent journey through love, loss, and redemption in this gripping hood romance. As the roads grow bumpier, the stakes higher, and the passion more intense, secrets unravel and lives intertwine, proving that in matters of the heart, nothing is ever as it seems.