I’m Sorry But He Already Got My Heart

“I’m a thug, so I love a lil’ different.”
Truer words couldn’t have been spoken by a young boss trying to convince an older woman that loving him is a good idea—maybe not a smart one— but a good one.

He’s twenty-four and lit.
He’s handsome and charming.
He’s fresh home from a bid.
He’s dangerous.
His name is Giovanni Madden, and flaws and all, he’s every woman’s fantasy. Luna came home with one mission: to get back everything he lost— plus way more—while locked away, and he’s off to a great start. All it ever took was for him to establish eye contact with a woman, and she was all his. As a boy, that was cool, but he’s a man now and is ready for a challenge. He’s ready for love.

She’s thirty-four.
She’s lonely but not single.
She’s beautiful and unmarried with no children.
She’s playing it safe.
Her name is Adiya Aku, and she’s a walking cliché. Though she’s successful in her career, she’s always been unsuccessful in love. One man after another came and went, breaking her heart to pieces until no heart was left to break. If you ask her, it’s a little too late.

The two find themselves seated next to each other on a flight to the same place. Little do they know, the short flight is the beginning of everything. Adiya think’s Luna is overly attractive but far too young, with her being ten years his senior. Luna thinks Adiya is just what he needs and doesn’t plan to take no for an answer. He’s a thug, so he loves a little differently, and maybe that’s what Adiya needs.