I’m Salty About Your New B*tch

Where the streets of African American romance are lined with tales of love and betrayal, an ‘arranged marriage’ might just be a euphemism for a man leading a double life, complete with a house key to another woman home on the other side of town.

“Shawty, we tried playing house with that boyfriend-girlfriend label,” he says, his voice deep with the twang of the South. “You said I didn’t make the cut—too short, pockets too light. You didn’t eat at the Cheese Cake Factory. And you had the nerve to tell your friend I was like a Vianna sausage.”

“You’re the one who cheated, got another chick pregnant,” she claps back with a heat that’s been simmering. “So yeah, I got every MF reason to throw shade and to be salty, not just at her but this whole mess you made.”

“I’m Salty About Your New B*tch” gathers six raw stories that explore the shades of ‘hood love’—from fiery conflicts to passionate reconciliations and the complexities of African American romance. Cheating boyfriends & second chance love.

Taniece, the author behind the heart-thumping “Taken By A Wealthy Man” and “Pregnant By A Down South Millionaire,” delivers a new tale that promises to keep you on the edge. Miss Jazzie, with her chart-toppers “A New Orleans Virgin And A Hood Millionaire, brings the heat of the South to life with her vivid storytelling.

Kelsi, the voice that brought you “Low Key Creepin’ With A Hood Billionaire,” returns with yet another page-turner. And Reese Laflare, known for “Catching Feelings For My Sneaky Link,” paints another story of risky romance and single women.

Kevina Hopkins, the author that brought you the classic series: Movin’ Different has weaved a story so compelling that you might need a napkin for the emotional rollercoaster you’re about to experience.

Completing the lineup is Tasha Mack, whose “Saved By An A-Town Millionaire” and “Vibing With A Real Hitta” have set the bar for urban love stories.

Immerse yourself in an anthology where love is a high-stakes game, and every story is laced with the gritty reality of life’s hard choices. These characters are relatable and will have you screaming and talking to them as if they’re sitting in your in the room next to you.