I’m Low Key Feeling You: Complete Series: A Thug Love Story

I’m Low Key Feeling You is yet another well written classic novel and one of the best African American Urban Fiction series. And now it’s available here as a complete collection edition. In this two-book series you’ll take an unforgettable ride with the national bestselling author Cole Hart that brought you The Sunday School Teacher. Rich Thugs. Hood Romance and several Thug Love stories. His writing is very clever, gripping, and this story is unputdownable. **Warning** This is not your typical Urban romance, dope boy, thug love, or kingpin savage book.

Heart pounding.

Nail biting.


Street Literature.

Hood love.

Aaliyah Pride has her hands full with pursuing her career and trying to figure out, what led to the sudden change in her man, Chris’ behavior. The last thing she needed was for temptation to step in-leading her to question everything she thought she knew about life and love but that’s exactly what she got when she met Montae Wilson.

Montae “Baby Boy” Wilson was blessed from birth with the handsome looks, irresistible charm and a passion for hard work. He’s a man that can adjust to his surroundings and go from classic to hood in zero to sixty seconds without blinking an eye. From the moment he saw Aaliyah he knew there was something special about her. Something that went far beyond her almond shaped eyes, pouty lips, feisty attitude and inviting curves.

Briana Henson world was flipped upside down, when her father, one of Atlanta’s biggest Kingpins, was sentenced to a thirty year sentence in a federal prison. A product of her environment, the only thing Briana knew was partying in the A-Town nightlife and spending money. Now that ‘broke’ is her lifestyle, she’s desperate to find a come up and eager to use her assets to seal the deal. When she meets Montae, money is the last thing on her mind and she quickly finds herself caught up in her emotions and feeling him on an unfamiliar level. Before long, Briana is left asking herself if a woman of her stature could really love a man that’s working a nine to five at Walmart.
As the lives of these three collide, hearts will be broken, bonds will be damaged and an unknown enemy will submerge. Discover what can happen when chance run-ins and nights of passion lead to intimate deceptions and see just how far some admirers will go, when they’re low key feeling you.