I’m Just Doin’ Me: A Baby Mama Drama

From the authors Kevina Hopkins & Yona Pearson comes an enthralling, smokin’ hot, new urban romance series. This drama filled novel, I’m Just Doin’ Me: A Baby Mama Drama, will leave you speechless…

Love can be a beautiful thing, but it becomes scary when it turns you into someone you don’t even know. Love can have you believing in things that don’t exist, doing things you wouldn’t normally do, and turning blind eye to red flags.

Meet Unique; she has it all when it comes to looks and money, but when her relationship begins to fail with the father of her children, Omar, she realizes looks and money do not keep a man. Unique will do anything to make her relationship work, if not for anything else, for the sake of her kids. When Omar’s secret life makes an appearance at her front door, Unique takes revenge to a whole new level.

Skyler fell in love with Omar, despite knowing Omar had a relationship with another woman. Skyler knew when it came to matching Unique financially, she couldn’t touch her; however, that didn’t stop Omar from falling for her too. One couldn’t tell Skyler she wasn’t Omar’s Ride or Die, soon to be main chick, but when Omar’s eye begins to wander beyond Skyler, her entire world as she knew it, becomes flipped upside down.

Zenovia is young, pretty and green to the street life. She has her head on straight and knows what she wants in life…until she meets Omar. Nobody could tell Zenovia that she hadn’t found the man of her dreams, including her family letting her know she was bad news. When all hell breaks loose, Zenovia finds out that Omar is nothing like he portrayed to be.

Will Omar settle down with one woman, or will he follow his famous like of, I’m Just Doin’ Me? Take a ride on this rollercoaster journey called love, and see where Omar doing him, lands him.