I’ll Never Love A Dope Boy Again Box Set: Complete Series

Why do women tend to fall in love with bad boys? Meet Kamora, a beautiful woman who has a career as a therapist, but she seems to only be attracted to dope boys no matter how hard she tries to stay away. When she loses the love of her life to the streets, she vows to never love a dope boy again, but some promises are meant to be broken…. Demetrius is a product of the streets and has spent the last five years in jail because enough was never enough. When he is released from prison, he tries hard to turn his life around, but as the saying goes…old habits die hard. Only settling for jump offs, he is mesmerized when he meets Kamora and instantly makes up his mind that he will do whatever it takes to win her over. Will Kamora be able to keep the promise that she made to herself after she meets the charming and persistent Demetrius? Will Demetrius be able to leave his dope boy ways alone to get Kamroa or will he be forever tied to the streets?
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