I'd Rather Cry In The Arms Of A Rich Thug

I’d Rather Cry In The Arms Of A Rich Thug

Meka Carter knows the fast life of an E.R. nurse in Chicago ain’t for the weak. Her hands have touched more wounds than she can count, but it’s her heart that gets shaken when Scar Moretti walks in—a well known Chicago mob boss who’s as complicated as he is sexy. Scar isn’t the type to be out looking for love, but when his cold eyes settle on Meka, the woman who can hold her own and heal others, it’s like a hard pill to swallow. While Scar’s feeling her, he’s guarded, leaving Meka hanging on for the love she needs but he ain’t ready to give.

Then there’s Pheonix, Meka’s sister, the wildcard of the family. She dives headfirst into love like it’s a drug, getting high off the thrill. That’s how she ends up with Omar, a petty drug dealer who knows how to play the game. Pheonix thinks she’s found her king until she finds herself in a hot mess that’s about to flip her world upside down. Now she’s in a ride-or-die situation, and it might just be ride and die for real.

As Meka and Pheonix’s worlds collide, you’re left asking: What’s love got to do with it when you’re trying to survive? Is it better to cry in the arms of a man who can give you the world but not his heart? Or risk it all for love that might kill you?

“I’d Rather Cry in the Arms of a Rich Thug” by Black Lavish takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride through the lives of two sisters searching for love in places that promise both paradise and pandemonium. This is more than a hood love story; it’s an experience that’ll have you questioning what you thought you knew about love, loyalty, and sacrifice. Hold on tight—this is an African American romance that’s as unpredictable and will have you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.