I Should've Been Left You 2

I Should’ve Been Left You 2

“I Should’ve Been Left You 2” by Latoya Wright pulls you into a real-life drama where love, secrets, and payback collide. Get ready for a wild ride as Amilia “Amil” Gates tries to figure out the messy situation with Kwame and Zeke, both fighting for her heart.

Amil discovers the true colors of Kwame, who promises her a life without money troubles but can’t resist the sketchy world. The sequel digs deep into Amil’s struggle between a stable life and the cold streets.

Zeke wishes he had a time machine to fix past mistakes and win back Amil’s trust. Love and loss get all tangled up as he fights for Amil while dealing with street obligations.

April, Zeke’s unfaithful wife, and Loreal, Kwame’s obsessive lover, add more drama in the background, scheming to get what they think they deserve.

“I Should’ve Been Left You 2” is a down-to-earth African American Romance exploring love, desire, and second chances. Latoya Wright crafts a story that keeps you hooked, making you eager to see how it all plays out. Get ready for a raw and emotional journey through the choices these characters make in a world where loyalty is tested, and revenge is on the table.