I Should’ve Been Left You

In this raw and gritty world of hood love, “I Should’ve Been Left You” by LaToya Wright drops us straight into the heart of a thug love story that’s anything but a fairytale. This is where dreams clash with reality, and hearts get tested to their limits.

Meet Amilia “Amil” Gates – she’s the ride-or-die chick, the one who’s got her man’s back through thick and thin. An aspiring stylist with big dreams and an even bigger heart, she’s all in for Kwame, her high school sweetheart. Her love? It’s the kind that makes you do crazy things – like taking the fall for your man to save his future. But when the rose-colored glasses come off, Amil starts seeing cracks in what she thought was their unbreakable bond.

Kwame’s out here chasing his dreams, but things get complicated when Loreal Knowles steps onto the scene at his university. She’s got her eyes set on him and his money and she’s playing for keeps. As Loreal weaves her way into Kwame’s life, Amil and Kwame’s once solid world starts shaking, leaving Amil wondering if their love was ever real.

Then there’s Ezekiel “Zeke” Belcher, the new boss in Jacksonville. He’s a man of mystery, running legit businesses while deep in the game on the streets. Zeke’s got his sights set on Amil, and he’s not about to back down from no man about her. He thinks he’s the one to heal her broken heart, but he’s got to play it smooth because Amil’s heart ain’t no easy win.

Caught up in a whirlwind, Amil’s at a crossroads. She’s torn – does she stick with the past and the love that’s been her world, even though it’s left her heart in pieces? Or does she roll the dice on something new, something exciting but risky, with Zeke?

“I Should’ve Been Left You” is more than just a story – it’s a journey through the ups and downs of love, the kind that tests your loyalty and makes you question everything. It’s about finding your strength, even when your heart’s been through the wringer. Dive into Amil’s world and ride with her as she figures out which path to take in this game of love