I Need a Fiancee Like Beyonce

“It’s a proven fact that every Thug needs a real woman in his corner and every thug has a weakness…”
My name is La’Von Collins and my weakness is beautiful women with nice bodies and who know how to handle their business and get money. I consider them a triple threat. As for me, well, I’m a hustler with heavy duty swag and pockets that stay on swoll. I’m young, smart and rich; three things that can make even the baddest chick weak. From Black to White, to Puerto Rican and Asian- I’ve had my share of women and they’ve loved every inch of me. I’ve lived a life that makes men envy me and women want to be with me.

I remember, once upon a time an “Old Head”, told me that if you’re hustling in the streets, you need a real woman in your corner. He said a real woman, will stay by your side, when all the money is gone, when you’re no longer rocking designer tags and the foreign cars run out of gas. The kind of woman, who will be there when all the side chicks and bad chicks stop riding. A woman that when it’s time to stand in front of that Judge and receive that time, she’ll be there and she’ll stay down through your bid. He told me that this type of woman was the only woman worth keeping. At the time, I thought he was trippin’, stuck in the 80’s and reliving history. That’s until the day came when I was faced with everything he warned me about. The day when I realized a bad chick is good but a real woman is better. The day when my eyes were opened and I learned that I needed a fiancée like Beyoncé.