I bought every dream he sold me 3

I Bought Every Dream He Sold Me 3

In the last installment, it seemed like for every win the crew has, there is an almost equal loss. Adore finally got the nerve to stand up to the Black family, but did she go too far? She’s already learned the hard way that the Black family is nothing to play with, and De’Niko and his wife are always one step ahead.

Heavy ends up being the one to actually take the hit from Adore’s actions. Not only was his baby mama attacked, but the police have him in custody for it. After De’Niko sr. reveals their true relationship runs deeper than just money and favors. Will he be able to do what needs to be done and get rid of his latest enemy, or will he let blood ties get in the way?

After all the drama Isis and Quay have gone through, they’ve decided to make the best of their situation for the baby. However, lies and betrayals always have a way of sneaking up on the couple when they least expect it. Will they be able to weather the storm? Or will their secrets tear them even further apart?

In this finale, the couples will be tested in ways they never would’ve seen coming. Can they all get everything they’ve ever wanted, or will they lose it all?