I bought every dream he sold me 2

I Bought Every Dream He Sold Me 2

In the first installment of I Bought Every Dream He Sold Me, Adore learned the hard way that love don’t love nobody. After her betrayal, she was closed off to ever loving again. Her only goal upon her release from prison was to have a relationship with her daughter. Still, somehow Heavy managed to speak life and love into her again. With the fight of her life on her hands trying to battle the Black family, will she have any room for him?

Heavy is dealing with a betrayal of his own after finding out his right hand, and baby mama have done the unthinkable, and he’s left reeling. With snakes in his grass and some life-changing news threatening to tear his world apart, can he still allow himself to pour into Adore? Or will the treachery he’s experienced put an end to any future they may have?

We left off with Isis and Quay in a peculiar situation. It seemed like just when Quay was ready to settle down and raise a family with Isis, he was thrown a curveball that had him wondering if he could truly let his guard down with the woman he loved. Led by his emotions, he does something that has the potential to tear them apart forever. Will the lovebirds be able to get it right, or will the very thing that was supposed to bring them closer ruin their fairytale?

In this sequel, limits and loyalties are being tested, and our couples run the risk of losing it all. Can you truly recover after a heartbreak, or will you forever question the next person’s intentions? Find out if every dream sold is worth believing.