I Belong To An Oakland Hood Boss 2

I Belong To An Oakland Hood Boss 2

In ‘I Belong To An Oakland Hood Boss 2’, Laquana Jones spins a captivating tale of love, deception, and unbreakable bonds that stretch from the streets of Oakland to the heart of Atlanta.

Mercedes, deeply in love with Hemi, an Oakland hood boss with an iron fist, is sinking in a sea of lies. As their romance unfolds amidst the hustle of Oakland, she’s gripped by a chilling secret – she’s the mastermind behind the disappearance of Hemi’s cousin.

As if the streets of Oakland weren’t heated enough, Hemi’s past catches up to him when Ivy, his ex-flame from West Oakland, announces she’s pregnant and insists they revive their love story. Hemi wants nothing to do with her until he finds himself in a crossfire of emotions after she seduces him.

The situation thickens when Bronx, Hemi’s brother, returns to Oakland after doing prison time, suspicious of Mercedes and battling his own feelings for the unapologetically bold Misty. His gut tells him Mercedes ain’t all she seems, but is he onto something, or is it just sibling rivalry?

As secrets surface and past sins threaten to blow their world apart, will Mercedes and Hemi’s love hold up, or will the truth become the bullet that ends it all? ‘I Belong To An Oakland Hood Boss 2’ takes you on a raw, unfiltered journey into the heart of the streets, where love is a gamble and trust is a luxury.