I Belong To An Oakland Hood Boss

In the gritty heart of the city of Oakland California. Mercedes, a young sister just trying to make it, battles the pain and guilt of losing her baby at only nineteen. Convinced her miscarriage was her own fault, she blames herself for trusting Keyon, a reckless dope dealer who’s always been nothing but trouble in the streets and for her as well. When she finally breaks free from his toxic grip, Mercedes starts building a new life with Mark, a fine, successful paralegal who keeps her feeling secure and taken care of.

But our girl Mercedes ain’t no freeloader. Determined to be independent, she starts hustling at a local paint store, where she meets her fine and ambitious boss, Hemi. Life starts looking up for her, until her troubled little sis Kyla drops a bombshell: Mark ain’t all he’s cracked up to be, living a double life with a whole other woman right under Mercedes’ nose.

Heartbroken and betrayed, Mercedes’ world crumbles in an instant from a thirty-second phone call. With no choice but to leave Mark, she finds herself leaning on Keyon for emotional support, only to get dragged into a world of chaos when she witnesses a cold-blooded murder and Keyon vanishes.

Hemi, who’s been catching feelings for Mercedes, steps up to help her out in her darkest hour. At first, she resists, but when her back’s against the wall, she gives in to the undeniable connection they share. But both Mercedes and Hemi are hiding secrets that could tear them apart. Can their love rise above the pain and deception to give them the happily ever after they both crave?

You won’t be able to put down this gripping hood love story as Mercedes fights for love, forgiveness, in a world that keeps trying to break her down.