How Did We Get Here: A Millionaire Love Affair

“If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” -Johnny Depp

Avery believed those words to be true as she navigated through life until she became the person with two people to love. A southern girl with a big heart and an even larger amount of love to give, she knew one day she would find a man who would match her energy. One who would welcome her overflow of love while giving his in return. She never imagined that not only would she find one man who intimately matched her soul, but she’d find two!

Jabril is the perfect combination of hood rich and toxic. A man from the streets with both book and street knowledge, Jabril is every woman’s dream. The bad boy who relentlessly pursues the good girl. The knight who sports shining hood armor under his tailored suits. The milk chocolate cigar connoisseur who runs businesses and gangster parties. A skilled master of all things and accustomed to getting what he wants, Jabril is at a loss when he falls for the beautiful go-getter, Avery Knight. Having always craved a woman who matches his hustle, it feels like love at first sight until he realizes Avery doesn’t feel the same.

Life in the lights is what Zuri is used to. A popular loner in a career that swallows him, Monaco Zuri is reluctant to find love. A black rockstar with millions of fans, he’s grown leery of women and their attachments to him. After experiencing a love that went bad, Zuri’s heart has become cold to the idea of relations with a woman, or so he thought. Finding Avery was an act of fate that Zuri couldn’t deny, and even on the days when he wanted to, he wouldn’t. She spoke to a deeper part of him, the part that no one cared to see. The part that had been cold and dark until she shined her light. He was in love and wanted nothing more than to have her all to himself, only this time… it wasn’t possible.

With her heart torn in two, Avery isn’t sure what to do, but she knows a choice must be made. When it’s all said and done, who will Avery choose? Or can she choose at all?