Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Miami

Blood makes us related, but loyalty makes us family.

Jamison Brown is a twenty-three-year-old hot head who wouldn’t dare listen to what anyone else had to say. Jamison felt the need to step up and fill his father’s shoes due to his brother serving time on his behalf. With all the power and respect that came with being on top, Jamison burned bridges. He in turn created enemies with people he shouldn’t have, including his wife.
Amber Johnson-Brown had been married on paper for the last two years. She thought that if she got Jamison to marry her, things would change. Much to her surprise, marriage didn’t bring her husband home or keep him out the next female’s bed. With all the love she had for her husband, she was willing to stay and remain silent. That was until a man came into her life showing her different.

After serving a four-year bid in Miami Correctional Facility, twenty-six-year-old Gunner Brown is more than ready to get his hands back into the game. Promising his father that he would keep his legacy going, he has made it his personal mission to remain a man of his word. Although he had a duty to the streets, he always had a duty to the woman in his life.

Lakesha Smith was your usual hood chick. However, that didn’t stop Gunner from falling in love with her. Gunner saw a future with her and only her. Lakesha, on the other hand, only saw a future with what he could do for her.
Once Gunner goes to jail, leaving Lakesha alone, will she remain loyal to the man that was providing everything for her? Or will she move on to the next rich thug that takes Gunner spot? Will Gunner be able to keep his father legacy going strong? Or will his baby brother destroy everything they put their blood, sweat, and tears in?