Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Memphis 2

Jacques, Trayvon, Sencere and Ramello are back to business after all of their family drama. They finally get their women on the same page to start a business together and they believe they are the epitome of a Power Couple.

Everything seems to be going great and Imani starts to embrace the thought of getting married and becoming a mother until Brandy’s and Shonda’s life get turned upside down putting her in the middle of it. Imani has to decide if helping her friends is more important than focusing on her own relationship.

Malika on the other hand is over it all and decides to distance herself from the group so that she can focus on her family because all she wants is to have a baby which is easier said than done because after trying for so long it still hasn’t happened to the point that she’s ready to give up on it all together.

What will happen when skeletons fall out the closet and everyone finds out their significant other was hiding something from them? Do they stay and try to make it work or do they pack their bags and hit the road? Find out in the final ride of Hoodwives and Rich Thugs of Memphis.