Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Houston

Harper is a sexy, go getter from the mean streets of Philly. Growing up in the foster care system, Harper didn’t know what direction her life was heading in until the boy she loved took her away from the system and introduced her to the street life. She and her husband, Elijah, came up from the mud starting out as stick up kids to becoming bosses. They have the streets on lock until their connect is killed, forcing them to find a new one. When her husband pressures her to handle business by herself for the first time, Harper runs into a problem when she comes across an up and coming boss named Xeno.
Xeno is a young boss in the making from Houston. He had the world given to him on a silver platter, but his hood pass is stamped and certified. Xeno has been groomed to inherit his father’s empire his whole life, but his stubborn, childish, and immature ways cause his father to keep him at an unsatisfying position, until his father gives him an important assignment to seal a new deal with Harper and her husband.
When Harper and Xeno meet, they bump heads immediately. She can’t stand the young, arrogant, cocky Xeno and he doesn’t feel comfortable with doing business with a female. Although they initially can’t stand each other, neither of them can deny the sparks that fly. Can they put their differences aside and conduct business? More importantly, can they leave the pleasure out of the business?
Harper and Xeno both have love at home, but can they resist each other for the sake of their partners?