Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Chicago 2

In part two we find out Cay’s fate. Did she die in a hail of bullets or did Juice come back and finish what he started? When Chaos finds out what happens to the girl he loves, everyone will pay a price. But when one of his dirty deeds comes to light will he be stuck satisfying the wrong girl?

Ashlee has the stress of her besties situation to deal with when her life is turned upside down with a slew of secrets. Fighting the pain from Cayane’s news she is hit with a blow of betrayal from both family and friends. Not knowing who to trust anymore she now has a new view on the people she has loved the most. Will her and Nicco ever find their happiness or will the actions of others tear them apart?

In the final installment find out if hoodwives can get a happily ever after or if loving a rich thug will crush their hearts!