Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Chicago

Fresh from living in the Bronx, Ca’Shon Taylor aka Chaos touched down in Chicago, his childhood home, ready to make his presence known. Linking up with his cousin Nicco so they can expand their business money was the name of the game. After only a few weeks he has managed to find new hoes, terrorize the town and threaten most of his cousins workers. And experiencing the one thing that wasn’t a part of the plan, falling for a girl named Cayane.

Cayane Thomas was smart, cute and funny. But most of all she was a dedicated single mother. Due to her tragic relationship with her sons father, she saw men and stayed completely out of the way. So, when she meets a very rude Chaos, she planned to do the same with him. However, due to circumstances their paths keep crossing and fighting her attraction for him becomes impossible.

Nicco, street king of and family man, is the bond to all those he love and that love him. The choices he’s made has created some enemies, and has put a strain on his relationship with his father; yet, he still does what he wants and has to do. He is Ashlee’s everything; since they were teens they have had a bond that’s never been broken. Things are perfect for him and business is booming, but things are not for her. The one thing she wants to give him, she can’t and she has no idea that the person that is closest to her is desperate to take the most important thing she has.

All is fair in love, war and the streets and the lives of this host of characters are on an unpredictable path. See how the drama unfolds and see who will ultimately win in the end!