Hood Wife Of A Down South Boss 2

Author Tosha Lavette continues her series with Hood Wife Of A Down South Boss 2, a compelling new romance sequel full of secrets, deception, and revenge.

Reign has been through things in her life that would’ve made the average woman fold, but she never gave up and faced her problems head-on. When she finally snatched a little bit of happiness, trouble from every direction seemed to unfold. Her relationship with her husband was tested from every angle. Lies, drama, and betrayal were at an all-time high. Like always, Reign was determined to let nothing come in between her happiness.

In book two of this drama-filled series, Reign is recovering from an incident that could’ve ended her life. Upon her release from the hospital, Reign is determined to find out who hurt her and her husband so that she can return the favor. When the skeletons emerge from the closet, and all is revealed, everyone is in question, and nobody is safe. Absolutely no one can be trusted. More lies, more drama, and the most unexpected betrayal rears its ugly head. But does Reign have what it takes to paint the city red? Or will the betrayal be too much for her to handle by herself?