Hood Rich, Toxic & He Got My Heart 3

Honey has fallen head over heels in love with Ondrej, and with that comes problems she’s never experienced before. After finding out one of his baby mothers lied about the child being his, she’s somewhat relieved. Until his other baby mama is locked up and she’s forced to take on the responsibility of the kids from that relationship. Yet, that isn’t a problem for her and the kids quickly gain her heart. Just when she’s getting in the swing of things, Ondrej does the unthinkable and leaves her seeking revenge in a toxic way that’s liable to get someone killed.

Ondrej never experienced love so real until he crossed paths with Honey. She seems to bring a calmness to his life that he’s never had before. But when you’re living life in the streets, there’s no such thing as serenity. Especially when your biggest enemy turns out to be family. After the smoke clears, Ondrej will have to decide his next move in life, but one wrong step could cost him everything. He may be hood rich and toxic, but will he walk away with her heart?

Enjoy this last ride with Honey, Ondrej, and those closest to them to see who gets their happily ever after and who’s left to face the ultimate karma.