Hood Rich, Toxic & He Got My Heart

Bestselling author Dejah Rice delivers a page-turning, African American urban fiction novel perfect for the fans who love toxic romance and baby mama drama!

Honey grew up in life knowing she could be anything she wanted to be. However, being a man’s fourth baby mama and having his fifth child was never in her plans. Especially when two of the baby mamas are teaming up, and he can’t seem to let the third one go. This isn’t how she expects things to turn out when she runs into Ondrej Prince for the first time, a toxic thug wreaking havoc in the streets with his siblings.

Ondrej, known as Drej around the way, is Miami’s most wanted criminal. Everyone knows of the graphic crimes he’s committed, but no one knows exactly who they’re looking for, and that’s the way he prefers to keep it. Living life in the fast lane has given him everything he’s ever wanted except for love. That is until he crosses paths with Honey, but how will she react when she learns he’s hood rich, toxic, and after her heart?

Love is complicated all on its own. But when you have random baby mamas popping up, the police lurking in the shadows, family members going against you, and friends turning into foes, anything goes. Welcome to Miami… where they’re known for dancing with the devil and taking crime to a whole ‘nother level.