Hood Bosses & The Chicks That Love ‘Em 3

Love is never easy, but it’s not supposed to hurt more than it heals.

Dawsyn and Aries’ relationship seems to have finally run its course. Though both are open to a fresh start, the damage done may have already tainted their happy ending. Trust in each other completely dissipated, and the couple must decide if it’s worth the try.

After a brush with death, Ashira falls into a deep depression. Kwame still away only intensifies her desire to isolate. Just when Ashira concludes all life has to offer her is losses, she’s pleasantly surprised by a sudden win.

Erica and Drake are much more alike than they like to admit. Crazy, chaotic, and complex, there is no doubt in their minds that they complete each other. Tired of the childish back-and-forth, Erica gives Drake one last chance to stake his claim on her heart.