Hood Bosses & The Chicks That Love ‘Em 2

Despite her infatuation with Drake, Erica finally reaches her breaking point. Toi’s revelation leaves her questioning Drake’s devotion, despite his desperate attempts to win her back. Erica’s cold shoulder, however, ignites a yearning for her forgiveness. Drake will stop at nothing until he’s secured his spot in Erica’s heart. 

Deciding between doing what’s right or going against her conscience for Mr. Wrong is tearing Ashira apart. With Kwame gone, the choice should be easy; ‘out of sight out of mind,’ right? Almost immediately, Kwame feels the impact Ashira’s loyalty has left on him when Egypt starts moving funny.

No longer able to trust Dawsyn, Aries attempts to distance himself. But after witnessing Dawsyn make a selfless sacrifice, Aries’ outlook sways slightly. Unfortunately for Dawsyn, Ianni plays as the perfect distraction.