Hood Billionaires & The Wives That Love Them 3

Daisy is tired of Dusse and his nasty attitude. She is determined to keep the baby, no matter how he feels. By chance, she meets a wealthy man who is willing to take Dusse’s place. Currently, she has two men fighting for her attention. Who will Daisy choose?

Dusse is not prepared for the role of a father. He has brought up his concerns to Daisy multiple times. He believes they should address their relationship issues before having a baby, particularly things like trust issues and his secret wife. Will Dusse’s unwavering view lead to a permanent rift between him and Daisy?

Munch has developed deep feelings for Tally. Her vibrant personality, sassy attitude, and boldness have him charmed. At the same time, he has been keeping a secret about his relationship with Shari. When Tally eventually discovers the reason Shari has been staying with them, will she be able to forgive him?

Draco’s infidelity has finally caught up with him. His wife has left, moving to another state. He is now a single father raising his two sons. Unexpectedly, Draco finds love with the most unlikely person. Life moves quickly for the two, bringing them a multitude of surprises, chaos, and even murder.

Dive into the world of “Hood Billionaires & The Wives That Love Them 3: The Finale” and discover how the three couples navigate from brokenness to babies while dealing with extreme life circumstances.