Heart Of A Diamond

Expect the unexpected with the Diamond Family in this intense, page-turning, urban fiction standalone by bestselling author Keita B.

Kween Diamond is as ruthless as they come. Kween wears the crown and sits on the throne in her family. She raised her kids never to wear their hearts on their sleeves. You had to have thick skin, a strong brain and a hard heart. Kween played no games when it came to her children, and if she felt you couldn’t protect or provide for her family, then there was no need for you!

Silver Diamond is the oldest of Kween’s four children. She’s beautiful, smart and married to Casino, who is as lethal in business as he is at Gambling. They have the perfect marriage or so Silver thought; until, Casinos’s past catches up to him. What lengths will Silver go to save her family?

Chevy, the second daughter of Kween and by far the most Savage. Chevy is living a double life that brings her excitement. She will do anything to stop anyone from hurting her family. ANYONE. Watch as Chevy must make decisions to not only save herself, but her heart as well. 

KG the only son of the Diamond clan has big shoes to fill and its time for him to grow up. Doing a favor for a friend has gotten him in too deep without a way to get out of it. He must show the family what he is made of in order to save the Diamond Dynasty.

Lastly, there is Nivea, the baby who is mad at the world and willing to go against everything her family stands for just to get her way. Will this mistake cost them everything they have? 

Get to know Kween as she rules her family with the Heart of a Diamond.