He Calls Me Wifey: A Hood Love Story 2

What do you do when the love of your life has fallen into the deadly clutches of the enemy? Do you buckle and fall or come out with your guns drawn, ready for war and willing to die?

In Edo’s mind the four walls of his concrete cell are merely a stumbling block, a minor detour until the love of his life, Kori, is safe and back in his arms. In a tainted-twisted turn of events, he learned through Deuce that sometimes our “blood” are the very ones plotting our downfall and love is often trumped by jealously.
When it comes to friendship and loyalty, Ari proves to be a girl’s worse nightmare. Determined to have it all, even at the expense of her friend, she’ll do the unthinkable to be the last woman standing.

As the threads of this Urban- Classic unravel, family will turn to foes, best friends will become backstabbers and loyalty will prove to be just another word in the vocabulary. When love is no longer a factor and revenge appears to be the only way, will tragedy be the fate of all involved or will good find a way? Find out in this African American tale of love and war, where everyone is a suspect and no one is safe.

Theresa Reese is a up and coming African American Urban Fiction/ romance author that’s sure to make her name known throughout the industry. If you’re a fan of thug love stories, hood romance, drama or just a plain ole love story. You’ll really enjoy her sassy and classy writing. Cole Hart Signature.