Giving My Heart To A Chi-Town Menace

From bestselling author J. Dominique comes an intense standalone full of drama, romance, and heartache. 

Every woman goes through it. Wanting to prove herself to a man that isn’t worthy of her time. Going above and beyond, only to be left with broken promises and a shattered heart.

That’s the situation Melanie finds herself in over and over again with her baby daddy. After years of heartbreak, she’s still holding on, hoping and praying that one day he’ll get it together and give her the same love she gives him. Love doesn’t seem to be on her side though. And when she catches Mafioso in a compromising position she realizes that she has to make some hard decisions about whether or not she should cut her losses or continue to fight for the love she’s nurtured for so long.

True Power is everything his name says and more. He worked his way up out of the streets and is trying to make legit money in the music industry alongside his brother Real. Although, he’s all about his business there is no shortage of women fighting for his love and attention, but True only has love for his growing record label and his brother. Everything else is a distraction he doesn’t need. When he becomes a firsthand witness to Melanie’s pain, he instinctively comes to her rescue; however, is he prepared to correct the mistakes of another and heal her broken heart?

What will happens when these two opposites collide and thrusts into each other’s lives? Will their meeting be for the better, or will they find themselves wanting worse off than when they started? Find out what happens when giving a Chi-town menace your heart…