Girl, If I Was You 3

Girl, If I Was You 3

Well, well, well, we’ve arrived at the aftermath of the madness caused by heartache.

Cynne did her dirt and paid for her past transgressions, but when they said karma would hit ten times harder, they meant it. Though she wasn’t ready for all she endured in the name of love, it’s nothing compared to what her nemesis, London, will endure in the name of redemption. Cynne must find it in her heart to not only welcome forgiveness, but at a time when she should be raising her kids and preparing for her newborn, she finds herself stepping into the unexpected role of “stepmother.” With her newfound emotional maturity, this transition comes surprisingly easily. However, the backlash from London’s breakdown is a different story.

Larenz played a dangerous game and won a dangerous prize. His quest for revenge almost cost him his children, and although he should have drawn the line earlier, he built a wall that is not to be crossed ever again. That is, until questions about a disappearance close to home start surfacing. For everyone who didn’t know, they will soon find out just how far Larenz is willing to go for his family, no matter who the target is.

As Cynne grows and prepares for the arrival of her newborn, Larenz finds that loving her is still easy. Despite the lingering effects of Larenz’s selfish actions, which haunt them like a shadow, Cynne decides to make love easy again. What wasn’t easy was March Madness. What’s March Madness, you ask? Girl, if I was you, I would read and find out.

Dive into this gripping African American romance filled with second chances, enemies turned lovers, and the enduring power of love and redemption. This is a story about healing, forgiveness, and the strength it takes to rebuild a life and family against all odds.