Girl, If I Was You 2

Girl, If I Was You 2

Girl, if I was you, I’d be plotting every move to reclaim my king.”
That’s the conversation everyone’s handing Cynne, but let’s be honest, fighting over a man has it’s ups and downs. Especially if he’s not one hundred percent yours.

Larenz, he’s still got that fire, that love burning inside, but it’s buried deep. His empire, both in the streets and under the hoods of cars, is booming, making him untouchable and his heart, a fortress. Love seems like a luxury he can’t afford right now. With a team of females, including the mothers of his kids, all vying for a piece of him, Larenz is playing it cool, guarding what’s left of his heart.

Cynne’s reality hit hard; her man didn’t just move on, he intertwined his life with her fiercest rival, blending their families in a way that’s hard to swallow. She knows too well that pain transforms people, sealing off parts of their heart you used to know by heart. She’s ready to tread the path of forgiveness, echoing the grace Larenz once showed. Fighting for Larenz’s heart is a challenge she’s geared up for, but tangling with his other baby mama’s chaos? That’s testing Cynne’s resolve like never before, all while she’s on her own journey of self-improvement.

The first book left jaws on the floor with the revelation of Cynne’s sudden lock-up. Now, in this sequel, we’re diving headfirst into the storm that secret unleashed, proving the aftermath is a hurricane compared to the initial shockwave.
Girl, if I was you, I’d be saying, “This is the drama I live for.”

If you’re FAN of African American romance, cheating husbands, rich Alpha men and billionaire second chance love stories. This one is for you.