Gave My Heart To A Cali Mob Boss

Sanje had beauty and brains but was on the verge of going insane. She couldn’t seem to leave her boyfriend, Cass, who was the epitome of a street dude. Hustle, run the streets and cheat was all he did. The warning signs were there, yet Sanje couldn’t ignore the idea of something new and better coming her way. It wasn’t until Sanje’s first encounter with Angelo that she knew something had to change. Fast.

Everything about Angelo alluded boss. Not just his title but the way he carried himself. Taking the lead, he had Sanje’s feelings in a chokehold. It wasn’t long before she was hooked. Secrets, lies, deceit, yet lust, vibes, and attraction had Sanje second guessing what was life?

Could she ignore the signs and stick to what she knew? Or would she take the risk and live every day as if it were her last?