From The Trap House To The Penthouse 2

Bestselling author Tiece returns with From The Trap House To The Penthouse, a gripping hood love story full of drama, secrets, and romance.

Sadie is caught between a rock and a hard place, seemingly with nowhere to turn. In this Final part to an intriguing series, Sadie will find that sometimes walking away may be the best decision she could ever make. However, with obstacles and hurdles ahead, will she finally get to her happily ever after unscathed? Or will her poor choices lead her down a road of destruction?

Max finds himself on the losing end, but what’s really lost may not be the answer to what he’s truly looking for. Tragedy strikes in an unpleasant way leaving him in limbo, but will he level up from his setbacks. Or will he let his sorrows drag him under? 

From The Traphouse To The Penthouse, series is a hood love story capturing relatable drama that’s interestingly entertaining, feisty, and unputdownable. Centered around romance or the lack thereof, experience the journey bordering Maximus, Sadie, and their surrounding friends and family as they navigate life’s challenges. Hands down one of the best series you’ll read this year. Period