Forget The Red Flags, Sis Get Your Bag

Have you ever loved someone so much that you put them before yourself? For five long, excruciating years, this was the life Capri lived. So, for the first time since being in her relationship with Zyair, she decided enough was enough. While trying to balance fulfilling her goals and aspirations while having fun, she has a chance to meet with someone who has the ability to provide what she’s looking for in a mate. Her forever love. Can Capri have everything she’s ever dreamed of? Or will the past come back to rear its ugly head?

MOB was Zyair’s motto. By any means necessary was what he lived by, using whoever and whatever to get what he wanted. Refusing to be broke and homeless again, Zyair makes moves to ensure it doesn’t happen. That mindset cost him the best thing he had… Capri. When she ended their relationship, Zyair wasn’t surprised. He actually was happy. He could focus on getting to the top and staying there. That is until he meets someone who threatens to knock him off his square. Will Zyair succumb to his desires or use this opportunity to reign supreme?