Flewed Out By A Chi-Town Boss 4

Bestselling author Princess Diamond concludes her urban fiction, four-part series with Flewed Out By A Chi-Town Boss 4. Expect the unexpected in this heartbreaking romance drama.

In this series finale, everything seems to go from bad to worse. That old saying, jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, holds true in this book. Everyone is feeling the pressure, and no one is safe from the pain.

Bandz is in jail, awaiting the paternity test, and the dead pregnant woman’s body is still missing. Will Bandz have to rot in prison for a murder he did not commit?

Boujee has been praying daily and trying to keep her stress levels down. That philosophy was working until Zotica walked into her jail cell. Now, Boujee has to worry about her sister being in jail for murder too. Will the stress make Boujee lose the baby?

Zotica is angry at the world. She didn’t kill Zaylie’s mother, but she wishes that she had. Unlike Boujee, Zotica is ready for war. She is fighting inmates left and right. As a result, she has spent more time in the hole than in her cell. In jail, she finds out something that will change her life. Will this be this news that makes Zotica think twice about her actions?

Zacari, Lucinda, and Choppa really have their hands full. They are up to their eyeballs in drama. Will they be able to help solve all the problems and save their family members before it is too late? Or will they fall victim to the traps their enemies have put in place? One click Flewed Out by A ChiTown Boss 4 to see how it all ends for the Ballard family.