Flewed Out By A Chi-Town Boss 2

Alliances are tested

Relationships are sketchy

Murder is inevitable

While Zotica and Zacari are deep in love, things are not the same for Bandz and Boujee. Their relationship is an emotional rollercoaster.

Bandz has broken more hearts than bones. He is a street guy who never intended on falling in love. That was until Boujee came along. Now that he is trying to commit to her, every skeleton he has buried is falling out of the closet, one by one.

Boujee swore that she wouldn’t fall for a thug, but that’s exactly what happened when she reconnected with Bandz. She tried to proceed with caution, guarding her heart, but love won. Between trying to grow her nonprofit and helping the community, she is blind to the fact that Bandz hooked up with her under false pretenses.

Bandz has more problems than he can count. He went to the Dominican Republic for a business deal in order to keep his product on the streets. Instead of sealing the deal, he left more confused than ever. In the midst of his street troubles, his connect Ruz finally comes through. Or does he? Receiving a shipment comes with severe consequences. Bullets, betrayal, and bloodshed are only the beginning.

Will Boujee leave Bandz for good when she finds out that he lied in order to be in a relationship with her? Will Bandz survive an unexpected attack? Hurry up and one-click the second installment of Flewed Out By A Chi-Town Boss 2.