First Come Thugs, Then Come Marriage 4

First Come Thugs, Then Come Marriage 4

With love, pain, and heartache, the Grand family is in a mess. Angelina does something crazy that puts Kal in the hospital, fighting for his life. Knight wants to pull together as a family, but Blessing ain’t having it—she blames him and makes sure he knows it.

Knight hits the streets, desperate to find Angelina. But a nagging question follows him: Is she the only one messing things up?

Bishop and Deja’s love is on the rocks. Deja remembers everything and knows Bishop went ahead and got married. Heartbroken, she’s ready to walk away for good. That’s until she finds out her mom and sister sold her business and are even trying to sell her house. Now, she wonders if she might need Bishop more than she thought.

Rook and Golden are smack in the middle of all this. Golden’s husband is the reason the family’s in trouble in the first place. Golden thinks about going back to him to protect her new family, but will Rook let her? And should he?

And don’t forget about King. Nobody knows where he is, but everyone feels his absence. Will the Grand men save their love lives and their business, or will they get played?

J. Dominique has thus far brought you a complete four-part series with a sprinkle of hood love, African American romance, and a spoonful of drama and secrets that you’ll love.