First Come Thugs, Then Come Marriage 3

First Come Thugs, Then Come Marriage 3

From the author who gave you the spellbinding romance series In Thug Love With A Chi-Town Boss, I Bought Every Dream He Sold Me, and Every Savage Deserves A Hood Chick, J. Dominique brings you the third heartrending installment of the bestselling series, First Come Thugs, Then Come Marriage.

Rook, Knight, and Bishop, the indomitable Grand brothers, once again find themselves caught in a whirlwind of love, secrets, and towering challenges in Part Three. The stakes are higher, the obstacles greater, and the emotional toll heavier than ever.

Rook, having discovered a world of unexpected truths about his newlywed wife, Golden, now teeters on the precipice of uncertainty. Will the shadows of Golden’s past shatter their painstakingly constructed love story, or will Rook stand tall, mirroring the courage of his brothers in the face of adversity?

Knight, having inherited the mantle of the family head, grapples with multiplying responsibilities, a persistent Blessing, and a pregnant Angelina who is hell-bent on recapturing his heart. With the burden of a monumental secret hanging over his head, will Knight manage to keep his life in balance, or will Angelina’s ploys splinter his world apart?

Bishop’s time to fulfill his onerous family obligation has arrived. Yet, with Deja’s pregnancy news, he risks enraging Lovelie’s father by leaving her at the altar or, he faces the heartbreaking prospect of losing Deja forever. What path will Bishop tread?

As the brothers face an avalanche of dilemmas and their father embarks on an unpredictable path, the question remains: Will the Grand brothers survive these trials as they always have, or will the potent power of love bring them to their knees?

Immerse yourself once again in the gripping saga of the Grand brothers and the women whose love for them knows no bounds. J. Dominique’s expert storytelling offers a tumultuous journey of raw emotion, unexpected twists, and the enduring battle between love and duty.