Fallin’ For His Thug Passion 2

From author B. Richemond comes Fallin’ For His Thug Passion 2, a twisting urban romance finale that’ll have you hooked from beginning to end.

As Tori’s and Keenan’s bond gets stronger, life takes them on a roller coaster that puts their relationship to the test. They are faced with a decision that will either keep them going strong or separate them forever.

Isis is still battling demons and dealing with the trauma from her past. She finds peace by doing something she never imagined. As she races against time, she confronts everyone on her list who’s ever wronged her in life, including the person who should’ve protected the most.

Things are starting to turnaround for Rashad, and with a possible baby on the way, he couldn’t be happier. He decides to leave the streets for good, but after crossing paths with an enemy, he sees nothing but a war brewing between them. Will Rashad keep his word to Chrissy, or will he continue to live the only life he knows?

Life will either make you or break you. Let’s see what’s next for these characters in Fallin’ For His Thug Passion 2.


This Urban Romance, Women’s Fiction is recommended for fans of Chenell Parker, Jade Jones, Jessica Watkins, Mz. Lady P, Khadijah J., Lady Lissa, Tina J., Diamond Johnson, Patrice Balark, Jahquel J., K.C. Mills, & N’Dia Rae.