Fallin For A Youngstown Boss: A Novella

Parrish Savage may come from an infamous crime family, but she has drive, hustle and ambition all her own. Slated to go to law school in the fall, she’s completely on her A game with nothing stopping or holding her back. That is until she meets a sexy, young hustler named Thurston Franklin. Her world as she knows it is never the same. His entrance into her life turns her world upside down in a good way and forces her to examine the way she lives her life.

Thurston Franklin has worked hard to get to where he is in life and a once in a lifetime opportunity falls in his lap that will forever change life as he knows it. But being involved in this newfound partnership proves to be a conflict of interest and he soon finds himself torn between following his head or following his heart.

Will Parrish follow the beat of her heart and give love a try or will she allow her goals to drive her away from the very thing she’s needed all along? Will Thurston choose money and status, or will he allow himself to go in a different direction for once?

Follow Parrish and Thurston on a journey of love, passion, self-discovery and loyalty in a thrilling novella penned by Chante.