Fallin’ For A One Night Stand

News lovers, same heartache. Fallin’ For A One Night Stand brings a world of unforeseen chaos for the two friends.

Lifelong friends—Jazmine and Nyesha—simultaneously struggle to break free from their long-term relationships. All in a bid to leave behind cheating, toxic partners, and sometimes law-breaking partners. Finally, both women hope for a breath of fresh air and a taste of real love in their lives.

Jazmine ignites love with an old high school friend and up-and-coming celebrity Malik; while Nyesha meets and falls in love with wealthy businessman Rakeem. Their new lovers are seemingly upgrades to the kind of men they are used to. For a short while, everything is fine.

Both women realize that they cannot escape their pasts when Jazmine gets pregnant by Malik —who doesn’t want the baby. She then finds succor in the arms of her toxic ex, Lance. Nyesha, on the other hand, gets unwillingly embroiled in the world of crime when her drug-dealing ex Slim is involved in the shooting of her new man Rakeem.

Misfortunes and pain follow as both women see that the grass is never often greener. Malik slowly becomes a monster, revealing himself as an irresponsible philanderer. Rakeem reveals himself as a man of unclean means and ways.

In the end, taught by adversity, both women struggle to break free again.