Fallin For A New York Boss: A Novella

Korrae’s main goals consist of graduating from high school and going to college to be a doctor. She dreams of moving away from Castle Hill Projects and her drug addict mother. Growing up in the Bronx has its challenges with high crime rates and hood dreams. For this reason, Korrae works at a bodega after school and then goes straight home to study. She doesn’t socialize much nor does she hang out around the way, refusing to become a product of her environment. Each time she takes one step forward, something knocks her ten feet back. Instead of being defeated, she continues to strive for greatness.

While her father Raemond is in jail, Korrae’s mother Kora makes a living being a coke head stripper, valuing her relationships with random men over her children’s well-being. She prefers spending all of her money on drugs instead of paying bills or buying groceries. Kora’s latest boyfriend Scrub is as shady as they come. He only cares about himself and has his eyes on Korrae. Scrub wants to take over the streets, in addition to making Korrae his future wifey instead of her mother.

After continuously bumping heads with her mother, Korrae finds herself kicked out and aimlessly wandering the streets of New York with nowhere to go. Surviving is made a little bit easier after meeting her savior Cadillac. A bonifide boss with swag, street cred, and long money. He can be ruthless, but he can be gentle as well. He’s open to falling in love, especially with someone as beautiful as Korrae. Instantly, they hit it off, quickly becoming an item. However, their happiness is short lived because of the haters who are jealous of them.

Will they survive the manipulation? Or will their love crumble under pressure? Will Korrae be able to escape from generational poverty? Or will the streets hold her back just like her mother? Will Cadillac overcome the takeover plan? Or will he step up and prove why he’s a New York Boss? Find out all of these answers in this new enthralling novella by Princess Diamond.